What is GET WM?

GET WM is a web-based Warehouse Management System (WMS) that allows managing the flow of goods and information in the Warehouse and Supply Chain and enables the digitalization and optimization of the business processes.

Custom process-centric implementation

Tailor GET WM to fit your warehouse needs

Follows your Business Scalability

Enhance your business growth with quick WMS improvements

KPIs Reporting and Analytics

GET WM keeps an eye on your P&L

what our clients say

DPD Fulfillment has decided in 2021 to use GET WM as the standard Warehouse Management System in Germany and since then there have been various locations and clients migrated to GET WM, with many more planned for the next years. GET WM has helped us improve picking performance, standardize processes and reduce handling errors on the warehouse shop-floor.

“It was quite an intense and hard-working journey that in the end proved we made the right decision in selecting GET for this challenge. The GET team has responded quickly and professionally to all our requirements and has successfully implemented GET WM within the agreed timelines.”

“We reduced redundant transactional activities; simplified processes conducted by warehouse workers, which as an outcome delivered increased productivity. We are focused on continuing our journey with the GET team!”

“Together with the GET team, we implemented the first WMS in our warehouse. We appreciate their attention to detail and creative approach in solving warehouse processes through the application.”

Srdan Pejović, Executive Director, DTS

“The GET team has supported us exceptionally during the implementation and taken care to transition smoothly from our custom WMS to GET WM. Finally, GET WM offers an additional value with a great quality-to-price ratio and customizability options to fit the needs of the warehouse ideally.”

Cedomir Markovic, CEO, BeologiS

GET WM in action

Fast implementation, e-commerce platform integration, transparent BI reports and high level warehouse optimization

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